Our Story

We are the creators of @mrgooglyeye TikTok account with over 800,000 followers since October 2020. Our names are Dan & Fanna and we love sticking googly eyes everywhere! So much that we decided to build a #googlyempire.

What does it mean?

We invite everyone to experience the thrill and fun that comes with sticking googly eyes in public places, friends’ houses, at home and everywhere that is still reasonable and hilarious!

We are ready to supply the #1 high-quality, self-adhesive googly eyes to our followers on various platforms such as TikTok Shop, Etsy and eBay. We personally pick and pack the orders and send them to our customers quickly, so that people can join this fun viral trend.

We created various trends and we are routinely going viral with our videos. For example, we love the googly eye series #untiltrouble, in which we stick googly eyes to risky places where we could be told off or kicked out. So far, there was one time we got in trouble, where a chippy shop worker was chasing us with a broom because Dan sneaked behind the counter and stuck googly eyes on the picture of a burger.

We always get mentioned in every googly eye video on TikTok as we have become a huge inspiration for many! We invite our followers to share their experience with googly eyes using the #googlyempire. 

Our plans for the future, we will keep creating hilarious content and will add more reactions to googly eye videos. We will also share our everyday couple of comedy moments, as we are planning to play a bigger part in the account.

Relating to the googly eye empire, we will grow our account and shop and will become the no. 1 googly eye supplier in the world in the coming years!


Dan & Fanna @mrgooglyeye

Our Values

There are SIX important values that define who we are and they are integrated into everything we do, from content creation to selling our branded googly eyes and merchandise. Click on the images to explore what they mean!

We not only aim to be inspired when we enthusiastically googly eye the world, but with this, we have a divine influence on others, where many feel the sudden creative urge to join the worldwide, googly eye-sticking trend.

While googly eyes are naturally positive things, we try our very best to create positive thoughts and create real value in people’s lives with our lively, energetic content. From a small, cheeky smile to a burst of laughter, our purpose is to boost people’s outlook on life and forget about a bad day. We love a laughing smiley in the comments of our videos, and we take constructive feedback positively, too.

Humour is an essential part of everything we do to create value for people watching our content. We believe that feeling free and enjoying the work we do inspires a shared experience, releases fun and creates a euphoria of a deeper bond between us as a couple, and between us and our followers.

We are constantly aiming to grow as content creators and as a business. We believe our journey is special, which pushes us to always aim for the best. With everything we do, we aspire to be recognised by millions of our humorous, and great-quality content as well as the number one, upcoming googly eye supplier.

We rapidly grew our TikTok account since October 2020, however, metrics mean little. We would like to take things to another level by developing stronger relationships with our followers, other content creators, and those who purchase our branded products and support us. We value not only each other but every like, comment, follower, customer, partner, and supporter. Let’s do something amazing and enjoy this experience together!

For us, it is important to create and share high-quality content with real value that people find worthy to embrace and celebrate through liking, commenting and sharing. Similarly, we stand out with our perfected googly eyes, as they look the goofiest, have an easy-peel paperback, stick amazingly well and are easily accessible from the practical keychain bag. We call ourselves the CEOs of sticking googly eyes for a reason!